Our Recent Projects

Key success of our team

Experience Engineer

reliable, assured construction technique, problem solver and high experience of value engineer, efficient advising in well-construction administrative

Management & Financial Team

we provide our client a plan to maximize value from construction. We concern on delivery time, and we also work as financial advisory to our client for raise fund till budget allocate and project management.

Young Architects

New-Innovation design. We prefer to minimize human error by using update material and machinery. Moreover, we also focus in good / perform material value to our client.

Construction Team

We use our trained worker (Currently we have more than 100 workers which all are Thai)

Service List


BRICKMAN is an experienced contractor. We have build a strong relationship with our design company as well as clients for years.

Project Management

Without this service, it will not be a complete company, We’ve provided project’s management and stayed closely with project from start to finish. We are responsible for planning, execution, and closing of project.


We have disciplines for planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. And as always, we will make sure our clients will have smile of thanks at the end of every project. We are all about building relationships that last.

Strategic Partner